Friday, July 25, 2008

Apartment with a private car space

Imagine this..... 3 a.m, sleeping, 14th floor. Your car alarm sounding in the middle of your dreams. You wake up. Is it your car ?, sounds familiar, but the others sound similar too. What a headache. You decided to came down to have a look, suddenly the alarm stopped. Frustrated ?, well... frust no more, in a few years, somebody will take my invention into reality.

An apartment where your car will parked right in front of your door. It have a few lifts (elevators) that you can drive straight into it. A specialised lift for cars and separate smaller lifts for usual purpose. When you drive into the vehicle lift, the lift's door will detect your car's presence via a smartcard and laser beam through a small device on your dashboard. It will automatically take you to your floor and then you can park safely infront of your front door.

The apartment design has to be large enough to accomodate space for a simple maneuver of your car for easy parking. It is possible to build a large apartment considering smaller car park at the basement level. Several different designs also can be applied to different level of the apartment floors according to number of car(s) per household at different prices. It may be an option to have this kind of apartment in the near future if somebody or a big company put a serious thinking to this invention.

Recommendations and/or improvements are welcomed.

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